Sean Arthur Cox's latest update for The Professional Corpse

Aug 20, 2016

All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing well...

Formatting proofs have been ordered. I’m trying out a new blurb from the one on this page. We’ll see how I like it. I went ahead and put the original crayon-drawn cover for my first draft on the proofs, just to make them a little more amusing. I even ordered five. One for me, and four to use as giveaways. We’ll talk about how you can win one of those in a future update (they need to arrive first).

But, if you can spread the word now, I’d appreciate it. Share the link, tell your friends. Leave a review stating why you decided to follow this book in the first place, what caught your attention about it, or what you thought about the first few chapters, I’d greatly appreciate it. Honest feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.

In the meantime, I’m having a Big Dumb Drawing contest over on Facebook. I’m not a great artist. I’m good enough to do well at Pictionary, but far from professional. But I’ll do a big dumb drawing of your choosing just for spreading the word. Share the link to this book and then reply to this comment saying where you shared it (I’ll trust you) and you’ll be entered to win. Following the book nets you another entry, and leaving a review (positive or negative, so long as it’s honest) gets you another. 

The last winner asked for a drawing of the Eye of Sauron telling the hobbits to get off his lawn. Naturally, I had to sketch Frodo and Gollum smoking while Samwise did an Ollie on a skateboard (because why else would the ancient Eye of Sauron be telling them to get off his lawn?). You could have something equally silly, sillier even! Or a badly drawn sketch of a scene from your novel, which you could then use as fan art to promote your own book!

I’ll see you Monday with the winner!