Sean Arthur Cox's latest update for The Professional Corpse

Aug 13, 2016

All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing well...

...well, they’ve been progressing slowly. My day job has had me working some particularly long hours this past week, but I will have substantially more time to throw some shoulder behind the push this week. 

Immediate goals are pretty much the same as last week. More fixes. More formatting, then submit for initial proofs hopefully early this week. I’ll be contacting the artist this week as well. When I send it up for proofs, I’ll post a picture of my crappy hand-drawn cover for the original draft that will no doubt end up the cover for the initial proofs (which you’ll be able to win!)

So that’s what I’ll be doing to bring the Professional Corpse to life. What can you do to help? You’ve already done the first step. You’ve put your faith in me and my book. But if you could kindly spread the word. Leave feedback. Let me know what you think of the prologue and the first couple chapters. Recommend it to your friends if you think they’d like it. Share the link. I’m just one guy with short arms. Help this book extend beyond the reach of just my fingertips.

In the meantime, here’s another playlist, though this one is less a "get to know the characters through music" playlist, and more "What does Sean listen to when he’s writing these books?" playlist. 

 I’d like to put together a playlist for Jamie (or "The Departed" as the character is referred to in my head, since really, Jamie is just what the character is going by at this time in this body), but the truth is, the Departed loves music too much and has lived too long. They’ve heard and been profoundly affected by music that I, as a writer, have never even heard in genres I’ve never heard of,  that the world has completely forgotten ever existed, and I just don’t feel like I could do that playlist justice.  

Having already done drafts for three books in this series, I noticed at times that it could get a bit... dark.  Olivia and Jamie both encounter some sadistic, evil people in their lines of work. I put this playlist together as a bouey, something to keep me afloat when writing a scene in which Jamie is bound in a cabin in the woods being tortured by an insane housewife who needs to keep herself occupied while the kids are at school.  It’s a playlist of songs that either are upbeat and high energy or are at least beautiful that it injects a little life and emotion back into me after I’ve been so drained. It’s the playlist that brings me back to life after writing an intense scene has burned me out.

Give it a listen. Let me know what you like and what songs you think I should add.

Without further, I present for your listening pleasure, Phoenix.