Sean Arthur Cox's latest update for The Professional Corpse

Jul 22, 2016

Every time I click Update Readers, it always comes pre-loaded with a default message starter. Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda want to start using that to start EVERY. SINGLE. UPDATE. 

But that’s not what this update is about. I’m working on some promotional stuff. Pictures and meta stuff to help spread the word. Marketing is my weakness, so I’m really cracking down trying to come up with ways to catch people’s eye and draw them to the project. A lot of it feels gimmicky, but I don’t know what to do that doesn’t feel gimmicky without stopping people on the streets and saying, "READ MY BOOK!"

But that leads to police, and that’s no good for anyone.

From a development front, I’ve found a couple of artists I’m about to approach for cover art, but I need a couple more logistical things in place before that can get moving. and have made a checklist for things to do in case I don’t suddenly become a marketing genius in the 77 days left in this campaign and don’t get the 243 preorders needed for Inkshares to make this happen. Because this book is happening, one way or another. The only question is when and how.

But gimmicky things. I’ve got some promotional images I’m putting together. Some playlists, since music is a big thing for both of the protagonists. And... a special something nice for anyone who wants a little surprise happy. Why? Because I like taking things from my stories and giving it some way to interact with the real world. For my novel New Tricks, the book came with sheet music for the drinking song the characters sing, so the reader can sing along.

For this one, I’d like to send a little something to anyone who wants it. Don’t worry. It’s not an assassin. Just a fun little prop from the book. If you’re an interested follower, send me a direct message with a place where you can get physical mail  and I’ll drop a thank you letter and a little promotional surprise in the mail for you. Because I also am secretly in love with the United States Postal Service and love sending stuff in the mail.

In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled. I’ll keep posting updates and pushing out fun little things like this promotional image::

And if there’s anything you’d like to see more of or anything you think might help get the word out, or just thoughts about the book in general (or if I need to put out more chapters. I don’t know how that’s typically done here), let me know! I’m always happy to hear from you!