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I’ve been away from Inkshares for almost a year, working away on my book.  I hired an editor to help me get it into shape -- and what a difference that made.  I’ve posted my new and improved first chapter for your reading pleasure.  

So that’s the first piece of good news, that I got the story rewritten.  Completely.  (Including cutting 20,000 words.)  With a lot of help from my editor and friend/readers who had great ideas for solving some tough problems.  

The second piece of good news is that I got an agent.  Again.  But I think this time I’ve found the right agent.  This means two things:  1)  I’m going to give the traditional-ish publishing route another go; and 2) I’ll have to do another round of rewriting.  But that’s all good, because the ending is still a little rough, and my agent has some ideas for fixing it.  Yay!

Many thanks to this community for following me.  I’ll continue to keep you posted.  And if you have any questions or suggestions, please send me a message.


A number of people have asked me, "What’s up?  Why haven’t we gotten new chapters in a while?"  Thanks for caring and apologies for being so slow.  I’ve been doing a bit of rewriting.  Okay.  LOTS of rewriting.

My friend and loyal reader Chris M raised a few great questions about the early chapters, so I went back and did some work there.  Which led to more work everywhere.  All revisions are posted, but don’t feel you need to start over from the beginning.  That’s for hardcore readers only.  Like my Mom.

And I’ve been moving forward.  If you’ve been reading along, you should be up to Chapter 11.  And now you can read through Chapter 15.  You may hit some rough patches here and there in the later chapters.  After I get to the end, I’ll go back and smooth things out.  

What’s left?  Three more chapters.  That need some serious work.  Including a missing final paragraph.  The search for that continues.

Meanwhile, thanks for reading.  And let me know how you like it.

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Was thinking about it and wondering if you should adjust the description a tiny bit to introduce the other characters?

"Mathilde, a cellist, lives as a recluse, but everything changes after a teenage pyromaniac and an obsessive actor enter her life"
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I think this book would be a great candidate for the strong women's syndicate here on Inkshares... I will try to figure out how to recommend it.

For those of you reading along as I edit, I've moved things around to make it easier for you to find the new chapters.  The first section on the page says Chapter 1, but it's really 1-8.  In the box that used to be Chapter 2, you'll find 9-11.  More to come soon....

Thanks so much for your support.  Please don't be shy about letting me know what you like, what you're looking forward to, etc.


I've posted Chapter 8, which may give you a bit of deja-vu.  Faith A, who wrote the delightful "A Cup for the Dead" (first chapter on Inkshares!), had some great suggestions for cuts and rewrites to Chapter 2 -- which I did, as well as move a paragraph from there to Chapter 8.  So if you run into it, it's not a repeat.  It's a relo.

Thanks for reading.


After a week of working through some tough rewrites, Chapter 7 is posted.  Thanks for reading.  Anne

For hardcore readers only:  I've made some changes to chapter 2.  The story remains the same, but there are fewer flashbacks and a longer introduction to Phin.  Thanks for the feedback.  Anne

Chapter 5 is posted.  A bit of a delay, as there was lots of fixing to do on this one.  Let me know how you're enjoying the story.  And thanks for reading.  Anne
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Really enjoying the story and can't wait to see when you go into the funding stage!