David Forbes's latest update for The Old Iron Dream

Aug 3, 2014

Hello, everyone. Above is my venerable laptop, surrounded by some of the materials for the Old Iron Dream (I'm currently knee-deep in a section on Robert Heinlein's far-right activism) and a cup of tea. The picture was taken this morning, just before I sat down to work on the piece.

The power adapter you see plugged in is also brand-new, as my old one gave up the ghost last weekend, leaving me out of commission for a few days while I put together the resources to replace it. Unfortunately, this threw a wrench in my whole schedule, and meant that I had to scramble to complete some local journalism projects before the end of the month so I could pay my bills. Now, I'm back on track, and the Old Iron Dream is in the homestretch. Thanks for your patience and support.


David Forbes