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ECHELON, the sequel to THE NEW ALEPH, has launched on my podcast feed!

Search for "Mebar" on just about any podcast feeder out there, or go to WorldsofMebar.com to listen to the entirety of THE NEW ALEPH and to start ECHELON. 

Like with book 1, this sequel will post a new audiobook chapter every other Monday. 

If you didn’t already know, The New Aleph is about to launch as a bi-weekly serial and audiobook podcast NEXT MONDAY (7/17/17)! I’m currently getting everything up and running. 

Also, I have an audio trailer that you can listen to over on the website, if you so desire: http://www.worldsofmebar.com/2017/07/000-new-aleph-00-trailer.html

Update on my progress with the novel, and ways to enjoy the novel when it’s ready!!: http://www.worldsofmebar.com/2017/06/update-on-new-aleph-progress.html

Hey guys!

Been a while since I sent an update, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting in a hole in the ground, doing nothing. I recently finished the first major re-write of The New Aleph, and since then I’ve been doing a lot of spot checking and refinements, getting ready for the second major re-write (where I’ll print the whole thing out and mark it up in red pen). 

Also! I appeared on a podcast to talk about the novel and to read the prologue! So, if you’re one of those folks who doesn’t really have the time to read a long thing on the internet, or you simply hate reading things off a screen, now you can listen!

You can find it and listen to it HERE

Hope you enjoy it! Have a great February, everybody!

Hey guys!

Got a new website set up and an update on the project here:


Well everybody, sorry for the delay in updating after we passed the deadline.

There were a few things that happened that made it so we didn’t reach the goal, but none of that is going to effect my focus on completing the novel and the artwork for it. I don’t know how I’ll distribute it when it’s finished, or if I’ll be able to afford getting it proofread professionally, but I’ll let everybody know once I know more.

Thanks so much for hanging in there through the craziness!

Hey folks! So, there’s only two weeks left, and we’re still...mostly...not there at all yet. Goal-wise. Unfortunately, the plans for me to go on a podcast fell through (possibly because I was incapacitated by Super-Cold-2016 for two and a half weeks). 

Being super sick for so long also got me way behind on all the art, and I apologize for that (two of my little "art available on" thingies are now lies, unfortunately). I’m not calling it quits yet, but I am beginning to look into plans for how I can STILL share the story with everybody who was awesome enough to back it. I want people who want to read it to be able to. I’m just not sure how I’m going to do it yet. 

So, stay tuned! This story is important to me, and it’s important that I get to share it with people. 

Hey everybody!

One month to go! Sorry that I’ve kind of fallen silent recently. I got very, very sick a week and a half ago, and I’ve hardly got anything done in that time. I even missed my deadline to post the character artwork for Aramis, but I’ll probably get that done today. 

The good news is that plans are still in the works for me to go on that podcast, and that could be a major shift. We may have just a month left, but most Kickstarters only work with one month, so I’m not discouraged. If you have any ideas for how I could boost attention, feel free to shoot them my way!

Thanks so much to all of you!

Hey folks, 

Writing is still plugging along. All the artwork is on schedule. The book is turning out to be a lot longer than I expected, though. I’m about to break 130K words, and the ending is just now kicking into gear. 

Also!...keep a look out, because I may be going on a podcast soon to talk about the book! That will definitely help us get some real traction in getting to the goal. Stay tuned, it’s not over yet....

Hey everybody! 

Writing and artwork for THE NEW ALEPH are both still progressing smoothly. In fact, this weekend I’m going to be putting up some flyers:


If you want me to send you a PDF of this, in case you know of a good place to put one up and you want to help out, let me know! (Remember, the only way this book is going to happen is if we at least reach the lowest goal.)