Andy Wright's latest update for The New Aleph

Oct 18, 2016

Hey folks! So, there’s only two weeks left, and we’re still...mostly...not there at all yet. Goal-wise. Unfortunately, the plans for me to go on a podcast fell through (possibly because I was incapacitated by Super-Cold-2016 for two and a half weeks). 

Being super sick for so long also got me way behind on all the art, and I apologize for that (two of my little "art available on" thingies are now lies, unfortunately). I’m not calling it quits yet, but I am beginning to look into plans for how I can STILL share the story with everybody who was awesome enough to back it. I want people who want to read it to be able to. I’m just not sure how I’m going to do it yet. 

So, stay tuned! This story is important to me, and it’s important that I get to share it with people.