Writing is coming along steadily, and today I put together a schedule for completing and posting artwork for the novel. There’s a bunch! About 25 different pieces, at least half of which will probably be in the novel (and some that may be posters I’ll give away as rewards during some special events down the road). 

I’ll be posting something new every three days or so on social media, so keep an eye out and tell yer friends.

Everything / or @: awilliamwright

Just found this website, which will be helping me work out the details of the scene I’ll be writing next. I know a bunch of you are also fantasy/sci-fi writers, so you may find it useful as well:


The steady ramp-up has begun...

Hey everybody! The campaign for The New Aleph is underway. I have a plan to ramp up the marketing for it incrementally throughout the 3 months over which it will take place.

What that means is that for August, I’ll mostly be doing text updates on here and social media. BUT...in September I’m going to start sharing artwork for the book (I want to fill the sucker with stuff). Then, in October I hope to have a kick-ass video ready (well, hopefully that gets done sooner, but I do have a full time job and a life). 

I’m mostly excited about sharing the artwork, because I’ve been working on it for about a year now, but I haven’t shared hardly any of it with anyone yet! So, if you want to see my cool drawings (maps, guns, ships, gadgets, and the main characters), follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (all of them are @ or / "awilliamwright").

And thanks for joining me early on in this!