E.B. Reign's latest update for The Midnight Cure

May 2, 2018

Small things are so exciting to amateur writers, and though these updates perhaps are tiny to some they are marvelous to me.

First of all, I changed the title again because I suck at titles and perhaps will keep forever changing them until they are set in paper. But if titles are my greatest weakness as a writer (coughbesidesspellingcough) then I suppose that is a weakness I can well work on with time, feedback, and someone yelling at me to stop.

Second update, my spring semester is over and I’m excited to work on the 2/3 of my manuscript. Currently I have the three beginning chapters up and my plan from here on out is to put one or possibly two star chapters from each of the core four sections: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Now obviously there will be jumps and things won’t necessarily be fully understood by moving around, but I believe it will give people a chance to see not only the scope of my project but get a sense of who my characters are. Plus the intrigue, if I lay my cards right, I think will get people excited! But hey, that’s what we all dream of, right?  Someone else enjoying the ideas we have in our heads come to life on the page?

SPEAKING of things coming to life from my head my commissioned artist sent me a rough sketch of the cover I’d like for this website and I’m so excited! Benny has been wonderful to work with thus far and if anyone likes the finished product I highly recommend her work and you can always check out her stuff here. Obviously I’m not paid to promote her, I’m paying her to make a piece for me that is both used to gain attention here and fill my ego by seeing my characters. Here’s the sketch of the background thus far.

Thank you everyone for their time thus far and I hope you are doing well with your own projects!