A. White
This book is well worth looking into. I love the selection of characters. It's different and I like that.
Wesley Reid
I'm a sucker for alternate Arthurian Legends, and so far Karen Kenyon is hitting all the right buttons!
Eric H. Heisner
This looks to be a great historical adventure that brings a unique blend of mythology from King Arthur and King Solomon.  Well written by an author that has an eye for cinematic storytelling.  Can't wait to dive into this legendary tale!               
Bryn Hagan
far out, what a way to get your attention, King Uther the baby murderer.
Ah, Arthur...Uther...legends of the Cymri. Druids and sea voyages. Legends and facts and hints all rolled into one. I love historical fiction, and this promises to deliver!
Bryn Hagan
Some nice twists in here to keep the reader interested right from the first chapter, not the least of which Arthur was supposed to have been killed as an  infant, and his father willing to kill his own offspring for the sake of sating his lusts. Yet the monstrous actions of Uther don't hit you straight away, but that's probably because at first, you blame his wife the damned queen, but then you realise he's just as bloody bad, and like so many men, will do anything, even monstrous things, for the sake of his sausage.Anyway, to me this seems original, and has some real potential. Bryn

Christopher Lee
This has YES, written all over it! Talk about a hell of an idea! I'm on board!
Fernando Crôtte
The Dark Ages. I like that setting already! Arthurian Historical Fiction. I'm liking that, too! And following the trail of wise King Solomon, to America, in search of the Holy Grail. Are you kidding!? This has it all! Can't wait to read the whole thing!
Stephen Carignan
The Legend of Madog brings a new take onto classic mythology in a way that makes for a compelling narrative. I found the imagery built on the foundation of the lore to make for a three dimensional world. The characters had clear motivations and conflicts which make for some tension filled pages. 
Eliza Stopps
You won't be able to stop reading. The story begins, following Merlin, with breathtaking details and effortless conversation. As the Legend of Madog unfolds, you are pulled in. The brother that the world forgot is certain to be remembered now.