Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
Wow.I know this isn't the most intelligent way to write a review, but.........Wow.
I cannot WAIT for MORE of THIS one!
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
If you enjoy Sci-Fi, I HIGHLY recommend THIS! I was drawn in and HOOKED like a Trout!
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
10 Stars for The Kingdom Calls!I'm a semi-fan of this genre, but only if the story has a unique style.THIS ONE has it!The narrator is the main character, which I favor in fictional suspense.Then, you have the opposing side, a character who is TRULY  Out of this World!
Immensely well-written!The Kingdom Calls I'd definitely a WINNER!
Stephen Carignan
Starting strong and getting stronger, The Kingdom Calls is a compelling adventure from the beginning. With the mystery looming over the protagonist's head, the balance of knowing the motivations behind the captors versus escape makes for dynamic conflict I look forward to reading more.
Jaye Milius
Well written and grounded in good characterization. Looking forward to reading more!
Robert Batten
A nice opening that jumps quickly into the action whilst posing some intriguing questions for the larger narrative.
P.H. James
This little sci-fii gem is currently flying under the radar. It's well written and leaves you wanting more. Absolutely worth a read.
Bryn Hagan
I really liked this, and you really left me hanging with Billy holding the alien hostage. I think the start is great, and gets straight into the action with a conflict between man and wife, a conflict most of us can or will experience at some stage.The action went along at such a pace, that I was worried that the story would be over too soon. But I should never have worried. Because the following chapters introduce more characters and even a genocidal alien queen!!! These other perspectives brought in early on, completely open up the story, making sure the reader knows they're in for a grand adventure.
Oh, and you left the perfect hook. What the hell is Billy going to do with his alien hostage?