Maggie Hoyt's latest update for The Fairy Stepmother Inc.

Sep 28, 2016

Dear lovely readers,

I’m writing to you here at the end of September with wonderful news: We’re under 40 orders away from reaching Quill! What’s that, you say? Quill is Inkshares’ light publishing goal. As long as I sell 250 pre-orders, you get a book! Woohoo! Can we sell 40 books in one month? You bet we can!

However, Quill isn’t the whole shebang. I’d still be responsible for some difficult things, like marketing, developmental editing, and cover art. That’s where the Geek and Sundry contest comes in. If I land in the top 3 of the contest, The Fairy Stepmother, Inc. gets the full publishing treatment! And, guess what? We’re only about 30 orders away from the 3rd place book.

I’m so excited I can hardly sleep at night! I’m reaching out to everyone I know, and even some people I don’t know (Gaaaah!). If you know anyone who loves fantasy, fairy tales, cool female characters, or even just someone who owes you one, I would be so, so grateful if you passed the word along. So many of you have been amazing at steering your friends and family my way. Thank you! And if you’re following along but haven’t ordered yet, I would LOVE to have you join in the fun!

Thanks for supporting me and my dreams! Impossible things are happening every day. (Bonus Internet points if you know the reference.)

Your friendly author,