Maggie Hoyt's latest update for The Fairy Stepmother Inc.

Oct 5, 2016

Hi, everyone! Guess what? The Fairy Stepmother, Inc., has a new video! Check out the page to hear a little bit about how I came up with the idea, plus a reading of brand new excerpt from later in the book!

Also, because I love you so much, if you don’t want to hear me read, you can read the excerpt right here:

“What brings you to Strachey?” I asked.

“Well, it’s the place to be, isn’t it? I’m just the latest noble to emigrate from the capitol,” she said as she sat down on a still-covered chair.

"Do you have family coming to join you? Or is this all yours?”

“You know, Evelyn, most people have been smart enough to leave me alone,” she said.

"Most people around here believe in fairies,” I said.

She flashed me a patronizing smile. “Shall we cut to the point of your visit?”

“Pressed for time, are we?”

“You’re miffed about that little incident with the DeVries baby, and you’re hoping you can persuade me to do something about it.”

“Incident? You barged into a christening shower and laid a curse on the baby!”

“You’ve never believed in my curses. So why worry?”

“Millicent, you know as well as I do that most of the town will believe the baby’s cursed.”

“Then tell them the truth.”

“Backed with what, common sense? No, you’re going to tell them the truth. That’s how these things work. You’ve got to quiet everyone down by removing the curse.”

“And why would you care about the DeVries?”

“You can’t curse other people’s babies, Millicent! You’re inspiring social terror! It’s irresponsible!”

“Don’t you ever get tired of repressing yourself, Evelyn?”

“What?” “Look at yourself! You fought your way through Furnival’s, survived the deaths of two husbands, refused a third marriage, and despite all criticism you manage a growing start-up. Yet here you are, trying to enforce society’s rules. Why don’t you let them burn?”

It didn’t strike me as odd until much, much later that she knew so much about me.

“Babies, Millicent. Babies!” Sometimes, I swear… "Don’t curse newborns” didn’t need to be said! I tried to take a deep breath. I could see by the smirk on Millicent’s face she was enjoying winding me up. You’re losing leverage, Evelyn.

“What do you want, Millie?” I asked. She gave a barely perceptible wince at the nickname. I filed that away. “You’ve done this for a reason. Tell me what you want.”

“I don’t want anything.”

I laughed.

“Really. They deserved it.” “Because you were one of the many non-invitees? Really? I thought we established a long time ago that you aren’t the Queen.”

That worked. She puffed up in anger and started turning red. “You have no idea what you’re talking about! You hedge-born, low-life…” She trailed off, trying to gain control of herself. “I would have expected more of you, Evelyn. After all, I’m only doing what you’re doing.”

Hope you enjoy! We’re so close to our publication goal! If you’ve got a friend who would like The Fairy Stepmother, Inc., let them know!