Thank you for following me on Inkshares. If you pre-ordered The Fairshare Model, thank you even more!

I have an update on my efforts to get the book published by Inkshares.

First, I still need your help. If you placed a pre-order before June 20, 2016, your money was returned because I did not reach the minimum order threshold by the deadline. I’m giving it another go and hope that you’ll take a moment to place a pre-order again.

Second, I reduced my pre-order target from 750 to 250 copies. With 750 pre-orders, Inkshares will fund a full editing effort. They offer a light edit option if 250 orders are received, so that is my new goal because I know people who can help me edit.

Third, I shifted my marketing effort from one-on-one personal appeals to rely more on articles and videos to generate interest. My hope, so to speak, is that a widely cast net will yield more fish than the single hook approach that occurs with an email campaign.

Here are articles that I’ve posted over the past few months:

·        Applying a Formula For Happiness To Free Trade http://bit.ly/2bYYF96

·        Applying John Rawls’ Theory Of Justice To IPO Valuation http://bit.ly/2bKtv6A

·        Class Action Investor Lawsuit Raises Facebook IPO Valuation Issues http://bit.ly/1oZlazl

·        Valuation Uncertainty Illustrated…with Balloons! http://bit.ly/2ckIrdT

·        Shouldn’t Public Venture Capital Investors Get Price Protection Too? http://bit.ly/2bVkqq8

I have a video on YouTube that shows how to calculate a company’s pre-money valuation.

·        Video: https://youtu.be/cc2stjvgEbE

·        Slide deck: http://www.slideshare.net/kmsjogren/premoney-valuation-how-to-calculate-it

In sum, I am using articles and videos to reach a lower pre-order target. If you ordered after June 20, 2016, thank you again. If you ordered before that date, your order was cancelled and your money returned. If this is you, please take a moment , before you forge, to demonstrate your support for my effort by placing a replacement order.

You can do that here https://www.inkshares.com/projects/the-fairshare-model



Karl M. Sjogren

Creator, Fairshare Model for a Crowdfunded IPO using a Performance-Based Capital Structure

Address ••• 4063 Norton Ave., Oakland, CA USA 94602

Cell ••• 510.682.8093

Email ••• karl@fairsharemodel.com

Website ••• www.fairsharemodel.com

Twitter •••@FairshareModel

LinkedIn ••• http://www.linkedin.com/in/karlsjogren

Oh dear! What the heck happened?

Words to that effect came to mind when I read that Inkshares was refunding the pre-orders that have been placed for the Fairshare Model. I imagine that you had a similar response.

 Dear Reader, I apologize for the confusion. What happened was that the deadline for me to get enough pre-orders to get The Fairshare Model edited and published arrived and I was short.

 As a result, true to its pledge to those who placed pre-orders, Inkshares cancelled the project and processed refunds that will appear on your credit card this week. If you don’t see a credit, please email me.

 The good news is that I still intend to publish The Fairshare Model! I underestimated how long it would take to get the requisite number of orders, but my resolve is undiminished.

 Capital structures and valuation are off-putting subjects to many people. For many, its an unfamiliar subject. Those with insight are generally very busy. For both reasons, it’s a challenge to engage people on the idea that innovation in capital structures is possible, let alone attractive.

 Midway into my Inkshares campaign, I concluded that it would take an extraordinary effort to get 750 pre-orders by emailing people I knew. A crowdfunding expert told me that someone must receive—on average—six appeals for support before they respond favorably. Yikes! That means at least 4,500 emails!  Far more when you realize that only a small percentage of an audience responds favorably at all.

 That insight leads me to be ever-so-thankful for the support you provided via your pre-order.

 I began to write articles to promote The Fairshare Model that generated awareness among hundreds of people. I plan to do this regularly now. I also recently created a video presentation for a webinar and plan to put it on YouTube, along with others that feature points made in The Fairshare Model.

 Dear Reader, I still want and need your support. I re-started The Fairshare Model project on Inkshares. The link is here   https://www.inkshares.com/books/the-fairshare-model

 Please use it to—once again—place a pre-order for The Fairshare Model. Once again, I apologize for the confusion that resulted from the expiration of the project on Inkshares and for the bother involved in placing your pre-order again.  I still need your support!

 With appreciation,

Karl Sjogren  karl@fairsharemodel.com

Thank you for the support you have demonstrated for The Fairshare Model via your pre-order. I have good news! 

If you ordered a Reader or Super Reader, Inkshares will be sending you money on your credit card as a result of a change I just made.

I changed the print version from hardcover to softcover, which reduces the cost of the physical book by a third, from USD $30 to $20. If you applied the new customer credit that Inkshares issued you, your price for a Reader (e-book + print book) will now be $15! The e-book only version is unchanged.

Inkshares assured me that the softcover (a/k/a paperback) is durable enough to be in a backpack. As a result, I am happy to go that route because it makes the price appealing to more people. 

Inkshares has received  just over 10% of the pre-orders it needs before it commits resources to edit and publish the book. This is hard work! But, its is necessary to put The Fairshare Model in that hands of thousands of  people who appreciate ideas as much as you do.

Of course, you can help accelerate that process by encouraging others to check out the preview chapter and place a pre-order too.

Thanks again!



Userphoto9 original Nimish Gandhi · Reader · edited over 7 years ago · 1 like
Great job, Karl. A worthwhile contribution.
Vrb0sib Can Leaf Mart · Reader · added over 7 years ago
excellent book! great funding system that will trump the new way of equity crowdfunding performance based. Well Done ! Karl

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