Did an interview with Blood Dawn's John Robin.  You can read it here, and be sure to check out his work as well!  

Well, The Defeated certainly didn't win the Inkshares/Nerdist crowdfunding contest, but it was within the top 15% of 335 entries, so thank you to the 74 readers who believed in the project.  With only 95 copies sold and only a month and a half to push to goal, those prospects are looking bleak as well.  Fear not, true believers, I've been working tirelessly on the next steps, and however things turn out, I am determined to publish.  There's plenty of new pages on paper as well, and I assure you I will let you all know where and how to get your copies if not through this site.

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Hey, send me an email. (You can find me on your reader dashboard as one of your backers.) I'm putting together a little something something that may help. 

If all of those following The Defeated pre-ordered, I would be soundly on that leader board.  If everyone following pre-ordered and got one friend to pre-order, I'd be in the top ten.  Thank you to all of you who have supported me in whatever measure, but if you haven't pre-ordered yet, what are you waiting for?

Here are some Inkshares authors who have pre-ordered The Defeated.  Why not check them out too?

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Richard Heinz.

My brilliant sister has been marking up the manuscript like a bad term paper and pages for the next installment are rolling along well enough.  However, in my change of focus, The Defeated has been left in a slump for new reader pre-orders.  If by our combined efforts - yours and mine - The Defeated reaches 80 readers, that's only 18 more, in the next fourteen days I'll release maps and annexes!  If it reaches 90, I will read the prologue and first five chapters (what is currently available to read on this page) as a test run for the audio-book and post that video in my as-yet vacant video slot!  If it reaches 100 I'll release visual renderings of the cast of characters!  More incentives to follow, but I'll need to pace myself with the giveaways to keep this thing steadily rolling.  Until then reach out and spread the word.  I'm throwing bonuses at you to do so!  Thanks again, as always.  

- Joe

The Defeated broke 60 readers!  Thank you again to all pre-orders new and old.  I have been sadly neglecting both this contest and the overall promotion of this project for a couple of days now, but I'll get back on top of things in the days to come.  Some good news:  I'm making headway in the next installment of Something Like A Hero.  I've written some pages I'm quite proud of for Volume 2, which I will update you all on as we continue this journey to fund Volume 1, The Defeated.  Some other good news:  I will either be sending you all some further chapters from The Defeated for all your support, or a teaser for the new project within the next few days.  Some MORE good news: I've nearly completed my responses to an interview with fellow author John Robin for part of his Worldbuilders series on his blog.  More information to follow on that.  As always, keep spreading the word.  I'll never hit that funding goal without a helping hand!

I will begin with the obligatory thank you to all readers, old and new.  Your support is, as always, both overwhelming and motivating.

That said, I'm far better at writing than marketing, so I am going to focus less on the obsessive strain to promote The Defeated and win this contest and instead plunge into the next pages.

To describe this project in further depth to each of my supporters, the basic idea goes something like this:

A string of shorter stories with bookended prologues and epilogues that tell a continuous tale in the "present" while past episodes occur in the pages between in novella form.  An eventual compendium more in line with the conventional length of a fantasy tome culminating in the conclusion of the "present" story would tell the whole of the Something Like A Hero tale (which would certainly not be the only collection of stories to occur in this world I've spent so many years building).  My hope is to deliver tightly plotted, exhilarating fantasy adventures rife with social commentary and a whole mess of fun without dragging them and spending any more words than necessary.

Did you ever find yourself reading or viewing a modern fantasy tale and thoroughly appreciating the grim dark realism, but yearning, aching for a larger than life hero like Zorro or Robin Hood to break in and set things right?  To do it naturally, without it feeling contrived or absurd, despite the confines of a cruel corrupt world?  That's what I'm going for with Something Like A Hero and later projects, and what you can find already in The Defeated.

To prep myself for today's pages I have spent an entire morning watching Inigo Montoya face The Dread Pirate Roberts.  Rob Roy MacGregor conquer Archibald Cunningham.  Errol Flynn snark at Basil Rathbone as their blades clash.  Antonio Banderas and Sir Anthony Hopkins rescue California with charm and intellect and swords.

Dear Readers, your support is encouraging.  If you'd like to see this type of work reach the presses and foster the continuations, please keep spreading the word with friends, family, and co-workers.  As for me, I have adventures to write.

For all of your support I've emailed you the first five chapters as an extended teaser!  The feature on The Defeated's home page is the prologue, so if you care to read in order, there it is.  I hope you all enjoy them.  Keep spreading the word to get this project published!

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Real updates to follow.  Keep sharing if you're able.

A huge thank you to everyone who pre-ordered today!  The Defeated now has fifty-two readers and has pre-sold seventy-one copies!  I've been hearing only good things from my first test reading group, I've finished the final edits and tweaks (for my part) on the manuscript, and I'm prepared to send that to another sample group of test readers.  Thanks again to everyone who pre-ordered today, and to everyone who pre-ordered prior.  Keep spreading the word to support the project, and bask in the glow of my immeasurable gratitude!