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K.E. Madsen

I’m a 30 year old writer,  artist, fiber crafter, and lover of cats.
Books K.E. Recommends
I have a deep seeded love for fairy tales as well as new twists on them. This one won't disappoint.
If the world were fair, Evelyn Radcliffe would be a successful businesswoman. Instead, she’s got two dead husbands, two teenage girls obsessed with marrying princes, and not a single fairy godmother in sight.
A thriller that is intriguing and worth the read.
A little girl with a stuffed rabbit.  The inescapable nightmares, whether awake or asleep.  The words she keeps hearing like a song stuck in her head.  For Emily Hunter, the time to discover the key to her madness has finally come.
This looks intriguing!
Knights, zombies, witches...  and a father’s quest to reconnect with his long-lost daughter.
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