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To my Zombie Horde: I’ve finally finished this one! I’ve changed Rob to Bobby and got a brand new cover art! I have it available for pre-order on Amazon and in a few days, it will be available on other sites like Barnes & Noble, Apple. It will be ready to read on June 3, how cool is that? If anyone wants an ARC and help me out by reviewing The Decaying Destiny of Bobby the Zombie, just PM me, I’d greatly appreciate it a lot! 

Here’s the link to my latest novel: 

This is a milestone for me because I got injured badly at work 20 months ago and I’m finally feeling well enough to write once again! @Kainoe Sinclair , I know you’ve been super supportive of this project in the past so I’m giving you a shout out! You rock! 
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To my Zombie horde: Rob and I have been thinking a lot about this whole what you want Rob to face next. With the helpful aide of my good friend @Kendra Namednil We’re going to make this into a drawing!

This drawing is for those that make a pre-order and give me at a three line plot twist, (nothing is too outrageous, mind you). The winning entry will be acknowledged and entered into Rob’s story.

 I plan on raising bookmarks from the dead as well and shall snail mail them out (at the speed of a government zombie!) to those that pre-order too. Muhahahaha!

I’m sure that all of you that have been following Rob’s journey so far could easily come up with some wicked plot twists, So back Rob’s journey so I can keep him happy. Oh @Benjamin Gray @Kainoe Sinclair since you two are the first to order, just PM your info so I can send out your bookmark and if you wish to jump on the plot twist ride, feel free to contribute. You two have earned it!

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To my Zombie horde: Rob is happy to see that the awesome people of Inkshares has fixed the duplicate issue we had with his story. Trust me, Rob doesn’t like this kind of nonsense on my part. I’m currently working on Chapter Seven and hopefully can and will have it uploaded as well! 

As I’m putting my finishing touches on this chapter, Rob has nudged me into asking his delightful horde: What do you want me to face next, just to show you how bad of a zombie that I am?

I’m doubtful that any will reply but Rob is knows his brothers and sisters of the undead can and will because they are just as twisted as he is. No holds bar, nothing is out of bounds! If someone has upset you, Rob will gladly eat their brains in your honor because that’s the kind of zombie that he is! 

Help spread the word of Rob the Zombie to all you like, uh a zombie virus! The hunger is compelling Rob to tell me to wrap this up or else he will have to snack on my brain! What do you say? Let’s discuss this!
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To my zombie horde: I’m not sure why but we’ve been stalled out at 28 for a while, which is quite disheartening to say the least and that’s with offering a $50 gift card. with 70 days left, I’ve decided to up the ante with a different item to giveaway.  drum roll please.........
yes, for every time we hit the 25 order mark, I will raffle off a Kindle Fire HD. Now how’s that for an incentive? As always, the rules for entries are as such...(Oh, and the number of entries has went up as well!)

Zombies (E-book) = 5 entries!

Brain-Eaters (Paperback) = 10 entries!

Super Horde (Super Reader) = 20 entries!

Referring friends to order my book will grant you more entries at whichever tier the ordered, just remind them to drop your name so you can get entries! 

I truly want to get Rob the Zombie into Quill so  why not go for broke? If I have to giveaway 10 Kindle Fire HD’s in the process, then it’s well worth it! So, like and share this with your followers, family, friends and help back this one!




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To my zombie horde: Rob has graciously given me a break to let all you know that my novel In a World of Darkness is free til the 5th on Amazon. I thought it would be great to do a giveaway during the holiday weekend. So if you enjoyed this one when I had my campaign going on here, feel free to snag your free copy today find out whether a witch, a necromancer, a shapeshifter, and a gremlin can coexist under the same roof, (what could possibly go wrong)! I’d greatly appreciate it if I could get some ratings and reviews on it.
I want it to do well so I can build a better following that will translate into more sales here on Inkshares! So click the link and enjoy your free gift from me to all my friends here at Inkshares.


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To my zombie horde:

My writing has slowed down due to life changes, (I had to go back to work now that I’m well) but rest assured, I’m still plucking away at it. I kinda have to because Rob has been constantly pouring different seasons and spices on top of my head, trying to find that perfect combination when he bites down on my brain! He’s such a drama queen! (just don’t tell him I said so!)

Orders may have stalled out at 28 but I’m still hoping for it to pick up once more so I can giveaway my $50 gift card as soon as 22 more orders roll in like a black hearse. Enjoy your day and please help get the referral out there so I can get this raffle going! Cheers!

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To my zombie horde: I wanted let everyone know that I’m revising my entries for the $25 Amazon gift card and the they are as such:

Zombies (E-book) = 2 entries!

Brain-Eaters (Paperback) = 5 entries!

Super Horde (Super Reader) = 10 entries!

That’s right, I double them all!Did i say a $25 gift card? Well guess what, I’m upping the gift card to $50 as well! Do remember that referrals matter and the more your friends, family, followers order, you will get the same amount of entries as them (just remind them to drop your name when they order so you can get the credit!)


Just because you have ordered already doesn’t mean you can’t get in on future entries, that where the referral come in and is your ticket into my apocalyptic drawing! so get out there and scare me up some orders so Rob will stop threatening to eat my brain! 


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@G. A. Finocchiaro DM your email address so I can send you your prize or you can email me jdgriffith78 at gmail.com and we can discuss this further! Congratulations!
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To my zombie horde: Today we hit the 25 order mark and you know what that means, right?? Time to give away the $25 Amazon gift card!!! I was getting worried that we wouldn’t get this far, but thanks to M. Robert Randolph’s order today we get to see who the lucky one is today!

And the winner is.....

Drum roll.....

alright everyone do the zombie stomp and applaud! Woohoo!!
My next drawing will occur when we breach the 50 order mark and as always, you can still get in the future drawing even if you ordered already by doing referrals and having them say your name that you sent them my way. You get the same number of entries as your referring friends and followers at whichever tier they ordered at. The system is as follows:

Zombies (E-book) = 1 entry!
Brain-Eaters (Paperback) = 2 entries!
Super Horde (Super Reader) = 5 entries!

So do help me get the word out about Rob the Zombie and I will reward you well,whether you order or not. Cheers and brains for everyone!!!!

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To my zombie horde: I made a corny looking cover for my book but I wanted it to reflect how cheesy Rob the Zombie can be at times. It beats nothing at this point! ;) 

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