Sydney N. Fulkerson's latest update for The Coffee Run: And Other Internship Need-to-Knows

Aug 5, 2015


Hopefully many of you have been receiving your book(s) in the mail. If so, WOO! If not, expect them soon.

I've received a lot of great feedback - including where to pre-order my book. As of right now, people can place orders through any of the following sites:

Share these links!!! The best support you could give is to help spread the word about my book and where to buy.

For those of you that have received The Coffee Run - show me! Send me pics to & post on your social media using #thecoffeerun (or get an intern to post it for you).

And to my sponsors - Please be on the lookout for information next week regarding your sponsorship package.

I cannot thank you enough for supporting me. 11 months ago I had this idea to write a book...

...Et voila! The coffee's finally ready.