Stephen Carignan
With the current trend of cyber bullying in the air, it is interesting to have the perspective of a more traditional type of bullying and also how revealing it is to even be able to use the word 'traditional' in regards to bullies. Another important aspect of this work, it the rampant homophobia that permeated schools in this area and how they made it all the way across the pond. Well written and engaging.
Kirsty L Jennings
I found the Bully Book to be very compelling and very easy to read. My favourite line has to be the beginning of the second paragraph, it would certainly make for an excellent first line. The prologue certainly got me hooked and I ended up reading all provided chapters. A brilliant prologue to certainly start the book off and I definitely can't wait to read more. A must read!
Matthew Isaac Sobin
There is real power in The Bully Book. Bryn Hagan's writing did more than draw me into a story. It made me feel as if I was really there, when the events occurred, and was experiencing them myself. This is extremely difficult to do. This memoir has huge potential and feels as if it is destined to be an important book, one that reveals our strengths and vulnerabilities as people through our best and darkest moments. The Bully Book will speak to each reader personally in its own special way. I eagerly await more chapters, and look forward to placing my pre-order once funding begins. 
Oliver Tooley
Have read the first two chapters. 
Love it so far. 
Sorry bit of a brief review, but sincere as it is.
Billy O’Keefe
Thoughtful and funny — exactly the combination needed to take on a difficult topic like this.
Bryn Hagan
Please read this because it's simply... well, it's bloody brilliant.
Joshua Griffith
This one is a good read and captures what school torment can be like. It's worth checking out!
Taylor Dunn
This will resonate with readers by the end of the 3rd sentence.
Matthew Isaac Sobin
This is really excellent. Read the first chapter and you'll be hooked on The Bully Book.
John Robin
This book just pulls so many heart strings! The realities of being in a boys' school and being gay.