Reader Writer
I love how this opening chapter immediately places a reader in the midst of this family dynamic. Very real!
Reader Writer
There’s a sense of urgency to this gripping first chapter—I need to read more! It hints at a rich story universe with complex characters that I can’t wait to discover.
Jacqui Castle
Immediately immersed in the story and in the characters, and looking forward to seeing where it leads.
Shannon Glover
It's not easy to hook a reader in such a short amount of time but Spence Dobias has done just that I find myself wanting to know these characters better and understand Mamaw Issa's magic. I really look forward to more!
Annie Harrington
Becca is a fantastic writer with an authentic voice. Her characters come off the page and sit next to you, ready to tell you the story themselves.
Kelsey Rae Barthel
A wild start to an interesting story dripping with personality and charm.
Reader Writer
What a great read right from the start. The reader is engaged from the very beginning and is left wanting to know so much more!
Author Natalie
Eveyone loves drama and suspense and this book gives me just that. The first few lines draw me in. Every word is intentional and detailed making me wish I can read the next chapter. The family dynamic is relatable which I believe makes this a page turner.
Reader Writer
Incredibly written. The way the author pulls the reader in with a crazy family dynamic is skillfully done. Spence Dobias has beautifully crafted a story I am eager to read. I can’t wait to see what magic Mamaw Issa holds!
Rachael Sparks
'Throw me right into the action' is one of my favorite types of opening chapters, and Becca nails it. I'm already disappointed that I can't read more!