Rick Heinz
I'm really looking forward to having this book, both for me, and my dinosaur loving kid. Growing up, I wanted to be a paleontologist, so this hits me right away. Now, Erin S. Evans has a book with hard science, fossils, and piracy. The opening chapters and writing are compelling and get you excited about the discoveries happening around the characters and prep you for the tragedies that will soon befall them. Most importantly though for Hard Science books: The writing is easy to understand and follow along, which makes it a perfect read... or rather, crunchy enough to sink your teeth into. 
Stephen Carignan
With an interesting pacing and engaging narrative, The Pirates of Montana brings readers into the mystery of the far reaching consequences of an accidental discovery. I found the expert knowledge the writer brings to the subject caused a realistic world in which I could immerse. I look forward to reading more.
Zachary Tyler Linville
Excavating dinosaurs?! The small child inside me is geeking out!
James Rasile
This is a fun exciting read! Check it out!
M. Robert Randolph
I grew up out West. Having a sci-fi story take place out there, and with dinosaurs no less...count me in!
Jeyna Grace
Who doesn't like a good story that challenges reality?
Christopher Lee
As a child I was absolutely obsessed with Dinosaurs and paleontology! This has a great opening to what I am sure will be an even better story!