Hello All,

Six months have passed since the publication of The Bird’s Road. It’s a little odd having no writing or editing to do but I am content that it’s over. 

I had an opportunity to add pictures to the memoir but that seemed to add a level of complication I didn’t want to be displeased with, so I declined. I have created an Instagram @thebirdsroad for those of you that might be interested.  I’m adding photos in chronological order. 

To those of you that have posted reviews here, on Goodreads, and Amazon, I appreciate it.

Thanks for your support,


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I met Sharek at a men’s retreat years ago when I signed up for his orienteering course. Through many other adventures when he shared some of the stories in his book, he provided insights based upon his many talents: artist, actor, craftsman, electrician, mechanic, metallurgist, etc. And now as an author, he not only pays respects to his many family members that passed too soon but also charges us to better ourselves. I will often reread the last few pages for encouragement.

1976... The maple tree where we boys processed things.

It’s rewarding and humbling to see reviews trickling in.

One of the things I constantly asked myself while writing this story was, "Why do this?" I still can’t answer that question for myself. I do hold to the idea that maybe it’s for Mom and Pop, Garnna, Shelam, Carrie, Danny, Joe, and Lamech? Maybe it’s for the Cooper’s and the other characters in my life? I’m not sure. Those of you that have read it know that it’s not a happy story or one of any sort of groundbreaking knowledge. It’s not a self help book, and it doesn’t answer any questions.

As they say, "I can’t call it - I’m too close to the forest to see the trees."

I feel I’ve reached some finish line but I am unable to say I’m happy about it. I am relieved that the heavy lifting is done; I can say, "I’ve finished this work." But, there’s this little torment within me that keeps pushing, "Get it out there - keep casting the line - throw it as far away from you as you can - ship it - leave it in a crack - give it away - drop it by air - squirrel it where someone will find it!"

I’ve been told to, "Share the burden." So, If you are able, if you care to, if you found something in my story that I can’t see, please go to the following links and share your thoughts.  




Thanks for your interest and support.


It’s rewarding to see assessments like this.


The Bird’s Road was #6 in Genetics on Amazon last week. Today, its #1

Thank you for purchasing my story. If it’s not too bothersome, please leave a review at your point of purchase. Doing so, puts it in front of more eyes.

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Hello All,

As of today, July the 6th, 2001, I am an author. I’m no longer a writer, just an author. 

I’ve been looking at the status (see Big Red Arrow) of this project since 2016. Until today, it always registered, "IN PRODUCTION."

Paperbacks shipped from California last Tuesday and should be landing in the Midwest this week. Ebook versions were sent on the 1st of July to the email address you provided to Inkshares. If any of you have any issues, feel free to let me know - but also - let Inkshares know at hello@inkshares.com

Way back in 2016, I needed your help to produce my story, and here it is. You are the foundation of this effort and that means a lot to me. I know that you may well have no interest in this book and were simply supporting me because of what I am to you or what someone I know is to you. That’s how the world works. It’s kind of a beautiful thing. 

If I may, I have one final ask of you and it is this: If you read my story and find any value in it, please hit the following link and leave a review - tell the world what you liked or didn’t like; let people know what you gleaned. Or, don’t, that’s okay too. 


I’ve written it several times but it’s as heartfelt today as it was in 2016...

I appreciate your support,


Hello All,

On the first day of July, the ebook version of The Bird’s Road will arrive in the email you provided to Inkshares.
Inkshares is sending both ePub and .Mobi files. The ePub version is the one you’ll want to open in your Kindle app or whatever computer science machine you know how to use.

I don’t know what .Mobi is; I assume it’s some sort of whale - possibly pale, large, and potentially dangerous at sea.

The paperback version is currently being packaged by Ingram and should send to those of you that purchased that version, later this week. If you preordered the paperback from Inkshares, during the crowdfunding phase, you will also receive the ebook version on July 1st.

So, to wrap up this message, the ebook goes out this week and the paperback arrives next week.

If you are interested in where I am and the long story of publishing my book, check out the link below.

Thanks for your support!


Hello All,

I’m making sure to connect with all of you by any means necessary.  Check your spam folder.

My book that you ordered will ship on or before the 6th of July 2021!

If you’ve changed addresses since you placed your order, please connect with Inkshares - hello@inkshares.com - and update your address.

Thank you for your interest and support!


Hello All,

Well, we’ve got an ISBN and a Library of Congress Control Number.

Here is the cover. It needs a bit of important copy to plug into that white void on the back, a final page count to adjust the spine, and it’ll be done. 

I struggled with the cover art. I initially thought I wanted something pretty, and harassed good friends with my bad ideas. As any sensible person would expect, the results of that direction didn’t translate the content. Also, my ideas of fanciful colors and dynamic fonts didn’t elicit any questions or emotional responses from the people surveyed. Another discovery showed those ideas were lost in the field of contemporary covers.

In a flock of swans, it’s the mangled farm goose that captures your attention. 

Out of frustration, I smashed the front of this in a few seconds and it stuck. It’s the frustration that speaks. The emotion. Those of you that don’t know my story probably understand what’s depicted here on a visceral level. Way down under the level of consciousness - where letters have no meaning and language is unrecognizable - pictures speak. 

All over the world, primitive cultures without a written language scratched and pecked momentous events into stone. Many of those friezes depict times of loss and death; these scrawls often have a horizontal line separating stick figures above and below while some exhibit rows of humanoid figures - both upright and inverted. That’s how we described burial or the debarkation of the living to the world of the dead. That’s how we recorded our pain.

Also, I think this cover works for reasons you’ll understand when reading my story.

Anyway, there’s your dose of nerd for the day.

The proof read will be completed and sent to Inkshares on Wednesday the 26th of May. From there, they will merge any repairs into the final pour. After that, it’ll be a few more weeks until the E-Readers are sent to you. Paperbacks follow shortly after that.

Thanks for your support,


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I am waiting for it. After working with you and family at UTE.  I know it will be a good reading.  

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