Joni Dee
I'm hooked. The figurative language, the dure predicament shouting out from the page just waiting to be read. Recommended!
Benjamin Gray
The Bird's Road is an emotional, personal, and poignant story told in a wholly unique, dreamy style.
Tal M. Klein
What an exciting and deeply moving autobiographical story. Please join me in helping this meaningful project see the light of day!
Sharek's words paint a dark picture illuminated by a mysterious light.
Kendra Namednil
The mix of stream of consciousness prose and the beautiful formation of sentences marks this as a short but delightful read. Taking the four minutes is well and truly worth it.
I appreciate the background on your parents. I think it will help us understand the choices they made and how it helped shape your own choices. 
John E Miller III
Living it brother can't wait for each part to come out. Takes me back but in a different place.
Sharek Gadd
Still hammering away. Large changes coming next week.