Alastair Luft's latest update for The Battle Within

Jul 11, 2016

Hi Everybody,

 Just wanted to follow up my e-mail from last night by providing a quick status update on The Battle Within.

The manuscript is currently in the developmental edit stage with Girl Friday Productions, basically making sure there isn’t a gaping hole in the plot. Concurrently, a professional cover is being designed. When the developmental edit is done – around end-August – the manuscript will move into the copyediting stage, which is more of an ‘in-the-weeds’ edit for things like grammar, punctuation and spelling. This stage will last until almost the end of October, which should coincide with completion of the final cover design.

Around November-ish, the marketing plan will kick in as a long lead-up to the release date, which is tentatively set for April 2017.  November through January will see proofreading and interior designing of the book in both digital and physical formats, culminating with the book being ready for print around end-January. From there, the marketing moves into high gear until the book is actually released.

 The team at Inkshares and Girl Friday Productions have been incredible and I’m not only eager to see what they can do, I’m excited at the opportunity to work with them. Although it seems like a long process, the time is necessary so these professionals can unlock the potential of the story and make this product the best it can possibly be. I’ll keep you posted on new developments.

 Thanks for your support and patience,