Alastair Luft's latest update for The Battle Within

Jul 10, 2016

Hi Everybody,

Apologies for the lack of updates, however, I’ve been taking some time to figure out the way ahead over the next few months. Now that I’ve got a plan, over the course of the next week I’ll roll out some updates about the status and timeline for The Battle Within, as well as some other upcoming activities.

In the interim, I wanted to confirm that the donation to Soldier On has gone through to the tune of $1500, or $2 / pre-order. In lieu of one of the big cheques (we’ll set up a photo shoot for when physical copies of the book are actually available), please find the next best thing. Thanks again to everyone who pre-ordered, you helped make this happen.

For those who are interested in non-Battle Within updates, please check out my Facebook page at More details to come this week!

Have a great night and a great week,

Alastair Luft