Lieutenant-General (Ret’d) Michael K. Jeffery, Former Chief of the Land Staff, Canadian Forces
Alastair Luft has made a major contribution to our knowledge of PTSD by putting a personal face on ‘the battle within,’ which will serve both soldier and citizen alike.
General (Ret'd) Raymond R. Henault, Former Chief of the Defence Staff, Canadian Forces
Although this novel is a work of fiction, it shines a searing light on the real-life challenges and sometimes tragic consequences of PTSD.
Major-General (Ret'd) Lewis MacKenzie, Canadian Forces
Anyone who wishes to understand, no matter what their background, the silent curse of PTSD would benefit from reading this compelling story.
Stories should sometimes challenge us and provoke conversation. Which is why this book should be published!
James Rasile
Fantastic story and a great read! Check this one out!
Landon Trine
This book about a soldier struggling with PTSD is nearing the end of its campaign -check it out!
Stephen Carignan
As an active duty Sailor, I find this work compelling. As an avid reader, I find this work well-written and compelling. Opening directly into the conflict of the protagonist's life, the internal conflict being reflected in his external world keeps the pages turning. The story itself feels like someone's life and the characters feel like people within that world, almost as if the author is reporting events. That might seem like a simple thing, but it is a testament to the writing.
As an ex-psychologist, I can only applaud more work that sheds some light on the daily struggles of people who've been hurt without physical wounds or scars. The book is 21 copies away from being fully funded - and you can be a part of that.
M. Robert Randolph
An important topic and well written. Check it out!
Ty Lim
Really enjoyed reading Chapter 1. This is definitely worth checking out...