Jeyna Grace's latest update for The Battle for Oz

Sep 24, 2015

Dear wonderful reader,

This weekend, I will be distributing and shipping all the Malaysian orders. So to my fellow Malaysian, you'll get your copy soon. For the rest around the world, I believe you've already received your copy in the mail. I hope you're enjoying the book so far :)

Now, on to an important update. September 15 has come and gone, but the push to get the book more traction continues on. I will need a huge favour from you to help others discover The Battle for Oz. It's pretty simple. All I need is your review.  

Getting reviews on Amazon is really crucial to the sales of the book. It pushes the book up the title list, so others will be able to find it easier on the site. If you have an account, please leave a review on the book. It will help The Battle for Oz go further. I would REALLY appreciate your help in this area.

Amazon link:

You can also leave a review on Goodreads. There are a couple of reviews on this site already. Be sure to check it out and read what others think about the book.

Goodreads link: 

Thank you in advance for boosting The Battle for Oz. A single review goes a long way. Your review will definitely help my book stand out from the crowd :)

On a side note, Young Entertainment Magazine recently published my interview piece on their site. They called my book a literary equivalent of a masterful musical mashup

You can give it a read here: 

Well, that's all for this update! Thank you for your constant support in my bookish endeavour. A writer is nothing without her readers. I can only do so much, but your actions will take The Battle for Oz to greater heights. So thank you! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead and happy reading The Battle for Oz!

*A special shout out to all the Inkshares authors who have supported The Battle for Oz. Thank you! I'll be sure to check out your books too :)