Queen of Bibliophile
An interesting crossover of two of the most popular children classics stories...The description of the fantasy land of Oz and Wonderland made me wanted to be carried away by the magical tornado to Oz or jump into the rabbit hole to Wonderland!
Young Entertainment Magazine
The literary equivalent of a masterful musical masterpiece...The Battle for Oz is practically made for a Tim Burton big screen adaptation.
Warbler Books
Imag­ine, if you will, a lin­ear accel­er­a­tor for fic­tion. Say some­one took The Wiz­ard of Oz and Alice in Won­der­land, put them in the machine, and slammed ‘em together. Sift­ing through the results, you’d find The Bat­tle For Oz, Jeyna Grace’s excit­ing adven­ture pub­lished by Ink­shares.
Richard Saunders
Jeyna Grace has woven together a marvelous tale, combining elements from Alice in Wonderland with an updated land of Oz. Everyone from your kids to your grandparents will enjoy it!
Love anything Oz, cannot wait to read this!
Rebekka S. Leber
I think anyone who like the divergence of Wicked will love this concept.
Nell Walton
Love it
Landon Trine
Revisit a reimagined land of Oz.
Feathered Quill Book Review
A fascinating book that lets the reader’s imagination soar to new heights.