Nick Danger Feder's latest update for Tale of Boulderoth

Aug 9, 2016


I mentioned the giant space eagle, right?  A few tweaks aside, this is the general idea, only he flies around space, mostly fighting with the other cosmic creatures, which I’m not gonna get into right now, but this is Baazste, who lays the Three Eggs.  There’s the white egg, the grey egg and the black egg.  The black egg gets eaten by the dragon, who gets eaten by the eagle, who gets eaten by the tiger, who gets tusked by the boar and dies.  Then in the nice warm rotting cadavers of all those animals, the egg hatches and out of it comes a giant space gorilla.  That gorilla, Dharin, is the epitome of evil shenanigans and he starts causing a ruckus around space, which causes a big fire and the heat from that fire causes the white egg to hatch and BOOM the Sun God is born!  He consumes all the fire for himself and harnesses its power into a big beam of light which he shoots at the big space gorilla, knocks out one of his eyes and sends him blasting off into space.  He then sets the eye on fire and we have the sun.  This explosion of awesomeness also chips off a piece of the grey egg, which becomes the moon, which he falls in love with and they have the daughters and awesome.  Stay rad.  More later.

Earth, Sea, Empire