Stephen Carignan
Soul Searcher is an interesting and well-written concept. One of the most interesting aspects about this work is how the science within is pushed well beyond anything we can hint at. The scientific discovery of the soul leads to a plethora of questions and conflicts in the fully realized world the author has created. With a great pace and compelling characters, this work promises to be a strong addition to the genre.
Tony Valdez
Always up for a good time travel story!
John Robin
Time travel leads to meeting a soulmate in the present. What an exciting story idea :)
Artie Sievers
We need more Time Travel these days.
Rebekka S. Leber
As an author also writing about the science of souls, I am intrigued by this idea.
Ashley Brandt
It's like this man's a sci-fi love God! Give this a peek!