Roman Colombo's latest update for The Catholic Noir Double Feature

Aug 31, 2015

Just want to stop in and thank everyone for their support. Up to 3 copies so far, but hopefully we'll see that grow over the next month. For the Nerdist competition, it doesn't matter so much that it gets to 1000 copies, but that it is one of the top 5 preorders. Right, now, the #1 book is 387 copies. Still a large and daunting number with only a month to go.

Now--time for a call to action! At the end of next week, if we have 25 preorders, everyone will get a free Kindle edition of my first novel, Trading Saints for Sinners, as well as chapters 3-4 in advance of everyone else. I'll figure out how to set this up.

So, let's spread some Sin to the world!