Trick Dempsey's latest update for Seven Days a Servant

Aug 29, 2016

Dear Readers,

Clocking in at 18 Chapters comprised of 50,000 words, Seven Days a Servant enters its final and most violent act. The pieces are in place. Brilliance faces the greatest challenge of its three-hundred-year history.

ANNOUNCING! Seven Days a Servant: The Cliffhanger Beta!

I’m putting together a lightly-edited edition of the first 17 Chapters of Seven Days a Servant to send out to my beloved readers. This covers the events of Senka’s week of service up to the 4th night. Also known as “the night everything goes horribly wrong.”

To get your hands on a copy of this edition:

  1. Pre-order Seven Days a Servant in any format.
  2. Recommend the book using the “Inkshares” Recommend button on this page:

Once you’ve done that - and I’ve edited the edition together - I’ll send you a copy as well as an email detailing how and where to send feedback!


Trick Dempsey