Romero Russo's latest update for Sarcasm Font

Sep 18, 2015

I would love to shake the hand of each person who has pre-ordered Sarcasm Font because each of you is as important to me as the rest of you. I honor you. But if I can let out a little *squeeeee!* here, I just want to let you know about the company you're keeping. Jeremy Thomas, CEO of Inkshares, pre-ordered Sarcasm Font.

You know what he said? Of course you don't know what he said. How could you possibly know what he said unless you're reading my email? Okay, I'll tell you what he said. He said, "I dig your writing style" But you know what? That only proves his taste in literature is just as good as yours, oh, Readers whom I honor. So, good news all around!

Hey, that makes me think maybe the 26 of you who follow but haven't pre-ordered, might like to join those who have. Whatya say? Pleeeaaassse?