Dean Fearce + Michael Welch's latest update for Ruining Boise

Nov 3, 2018

Hey Fans, Followers, and Fungi,

That one’s for you, Coop. When I was a youngster, we gave everyone nicknames. I still do, so if you don’t have yours yet, just let me know and we’ll get on that.

Ruining Boise update. Haven’t spent a lot of time with it, work is out of control, but I’ve been exploring themes and using Scrivener to create character sketches, map location scenes and capture ideas. This is new to me. I use Scrivener to write—love it as a writing tool—but mostly was blank paging it. My thought is to develop this as far as I can so it becomes a repeatable process to produce an outline to guide the writing. This is the current arrangement, inspired by Mike, that we thought might connect two stubborn authors into an effective collaboration. And to avoid bloodshed. Unless that’s what you really want…I think Mike’s been taking karate…

This is what I’m doing while waiting for the MINE manuscript to come back from my personal editor before sending it back to the Inkshares editor. If anyone out there needs the services of a professional dev editor, reach out. Mine (hehe) is a superstar. The Inkshares editor ain’t no slouch neither. Two superstars for the price of one!

I’m going to start with the opener, storyboard it. I like to jump right into the action, and have an idea for that allows for a lot of showing not telling of the situation...I’ll be sending that to Mike when it’s more fleshy, but don’t want to distract him either, as he’s engaged in writing his 2nd pass on PrOOF, so it may not come for a while. The point is, I’m dabbling with this story line, sketching it around the edges, and if we don’t realize any payoff with this current promotion, we shall return.

Want to mention a few authors who’ve been supportive with a shout out.

Celso’s paranormal novel in the Horror Contest deserves a look

Go watch Chip’s reading of his first chapter. I want to hire this guy to read MINE

Durena Burns memoir. This book deserves more attention, IMO

Nick’s entry in the Horror Contest, who doesn’t love a snipe hunt?

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderfully horrifying Halloween!


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