Brian Guthrie's latest update for Rise

Jun 21, 2017

Hey!  Long time no chit chat.  I said I wouldn’t abuse this method of communication and I meant it.  So, a short update.

For those that missed it, Rise is on Audible and you can get it at . If you have it already, I hope you enjoy.

A lot of you have gotten back to me about reading it, but reviews are still a bit low.  If you have the time for a short word to encourage people to (or discourage them from) reading the book, then please head over to that link above and leave a review on Amazon.  If you have time beyond that, Goodreads could use it as well.

Last part.  Fall is done.  I’ve said that before.  It needs edited, but it’s written.  I’ve already started Shatter and am about 1/3 of the way through.  If you want to read the sequel, you need to go follow it here and, when it goes live in the coming few months, preorder it.  Why?  Because you literally will be getting it sooner if you do.  Remember, I don’t make a dime off of preorders.  So, the more of you that order it to get it into production, the less I make.  That’s not important.  I want you to read it.  And you will have the chance to make it happen.