Brian Guthrie's latest update for Rise

Jun 4, 2016

Hey, happy weekend everyone!

I have an actual update for you on Rise!  I finished the proofread of the manuscript last night a little after midnight my time and sent it back to Girl Friday.  It was a good thing I had that opportunity because I noticed a continuity error that was going to figure large once you start reading Fall.  Needless, to say, I’m very glad to have caught it.  Someone I work with stated the detail I fixed seemed a very minor thing to be focused on.  But, it’s the little details like that I think that matter the most in a grand tale.  Sure, I could have left it and altered the story the rest of the way.  But I couldn’t.  Those details are going to explain a lot when you put them all together later in the series.

So, Rise is back in the production team’s hands for now.  Monday they’ll go over my responses and hopefully start making those changes right off.  Assuming I got it all right, I shouldn’t see Rise again in any form I can touch to alter it.

We’re just over three months from release.  Stay tuned for more news on how you can help make Rise’s release a fireworks show of epic proportions!