Brian Guthrie's latest update for Rise

Sep 24, 2016


First, it’s so exciting seeing all the images people have been sending of their copies of the book or them holding the book.  I’m saving all of these, of course.  Be sure to get a picture of some interesting place you choose to read it for a bit.  It’s been fun sharing those.

Second, you are able to review Rise on,, and Goodreads (and mark it as reading on that last one if you still are).  The BN page is a bit dodgy with the reviews.  Some people have reported it won’t accept the review while a few have managed it.  I appreciate your attempting to do so.  It really does help.

In other news, I’ve resumed editing Fall around my re-write of After Man.  It’s fun revisiting this new adventure in the same world as Rise after taking several month off from it.  I can’t say Fall will have as many edit run-throughs as Rise did but it is still getting a meticulous comb over.  If you’re as eager to read this second book as I am in editing it, why not go ahead over to Inkshares and preorder your copy today.

Finally, yours truly recently was a guest on the Write Brain podcast, hosted by Inkshares veterans Paul Inman and Jean-Francois Dubeau.  We had a blast discussing cake, Dragoncon, authors we like to read and don’t like to read, and, yes, even Rise.  Be sure to look for it in whatever podcast app you use, episode 30 or go to to listen.  Additionally, in two weeks time on Oct 7, 2016 I have the privilege of appearing on a podcast on a network I’ve been a fan of since 2009, Frogpants Studios.  I’ll be appearing on the Current Geek podcast hosted by Scott Johnson (of The Instance podcast fame for you WoW players) and Tom Merritt (a name that will be familiar to most of you as he’s the guy on the front cover of Rise giving that amazing blurb).  I’m really excited and a bit nervous to be appearing on any show on this network but I’m sure it will be fun.  If you haven’t discovered the library of shows Frogpants Studios and friends of the network are making, I highly recommend going to and checking them out.

Happy reading and listening!