Tabi Card
Brilliant concept behind this book -- you don't want to miss it!
Stephen Carignan
Reset the System is a high-concept science fiction piece with a unique take on the perspective of the protagonist. This at times feels alien to the reader in a way that sets the tone for the piece, but since the stilted tone is the inner thoughts of the protagonist, it creates the world as effectively as direct description. having something so far removed from our own perception creates a window with which we can look into this world and see the story unfold.
A. White
I can not deny I'm very curious as to how these disembodied spirits will adjust to their new existence. Will they all become some sort of mannequin or what? Clash with the Immortals, author.
Ken Lindsey
Come find out about Treb as he prepares to compete for a chance to get off of a dying planet. Great premise and writing so far, you won't be disappointed.
Jaclyn Young
This is an interesting chapter that leaves you wanting to know more about the main character and what exactly is the Hive. Read it Clones!