Stephen Carignan
Coming in with a great addition to the video game genre, Reb1rth has plenty of mystery to keep the reader engaged with the world. While the section available was small, one can already tell this is a world rich in detail and intrigue. The world created feels like it has its own set of rules which I look forward to exploring, a great read.
Xavier Auger-Mailhot
If you know anything about me, you know I'm a sucker for Fantasy titles. REB1RTH is nothing less than my own contribution to the genre.
Landon Trine
A fascinating entry into the video-game contest. Looking forward to more...
Xera Laura
The world we knew is no more. Less than what collectively seems like two year ago, it collided with a Virtual Reality game we knew as Stratos. But now, that game is our reality.
JF Dubeau
I don't recommend often, but this is for my buddy Xavier. Check his book out won't you?
Christopher Huang
Having read Xavier's other work, I can say he has a keen instinct for video game sensibilities. So if he's writing a book about video game taking over reality, I expect it to be ... well, REAL.