Nick Scott and Noa Gavin's latest update for Practical Applications For Multiverse Theory

Apr 15, 2016

Hello again. 

 By now you’ve probably read all 4 copies of Practical Applications of Multiverse Theory that you so graciously ordered. Seriously we’re so thankful for your support, and every time we do anything related to the book, we think of each and every one of you individually. 

 We have but one more thing to ask of you. Amazon has opened reviews for the book, so please go leave a review of your honest feelings for the book. Leave a review on Goodreads. Tell everyone you know about it. The success of any author or book relies on online reviews and word of mouth. 

 Also, if you enjoyed it, have questions about it, or just wanna chat with us, we’re on Twitter @OhNoaG and @Nick_Scott. 

 Thanks for reading, here is a picture of a baby stoat: 

 Thanks again, 

 Nick & Noa