Nick Scott and Noa Gavin's latest update for Practical Applications For Multiverse Theory

Jun 15, 2016

Hello early-adopters!

We’re approaching two whole months since Practical Applications for Multiverse Theory left the literary uterus and was birthed out into the scary world of bookselling.

We hope that you’ve been enjoying the book, or at the very least enjoying telling people that you know someone who wrote a book, or enjoying having another item cluttering up that desk that you were totally going to use to help you get organized but is now covering in loads of junk mail and assorted novelty items.

If you have read the book, don’t forget to leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Exposure and sales are directly affected by the number of reviews a book receives.

Just as important, if you enjoyed the book, please tell a friend. Tell two friends. If you have more than two friends (WE GET IT YOU’RE REAL POPULAR), tell all of them.

And now they can get a digital copy of the book for even less. The ebook price for #multiversebook is now just $4.99! That’s less than five dollars!

We promise we’re working on the next book in the series,

Nick & Noa