Nick Scott and Noa Gavin's latest update for Practical Applications For Multiverse Theory

Aug 10, 2016

Dearest Supporters, 

 It’s been awhile. We hope this update finds you well. 

We’ll keep this short, but we have some exciting news for your ears. Practical Applications for Multiverse Theory is now an audiobook!!!! 


No longer are you confined to the physical book or e-reader! Listen while you run! Or while you’re at your desk! Listen in a car or on a train! Kids crying that they need food or love? Shut that noise down by popping on your headphones and immersing yourself in the #multiversebook. 

 If you know anyone who mostly or only read audiobooks, please let them know! Or better yet, buy the audiobook as a gift for them. As always, thanks. 

And remember, if you’ve read the book but haven’t written a review on Amazon and Goodreads, please do so. The longevity of our book sales depend on it. 

 - Nick & Noa