Adam Rhodes's latest update for Please Press Play

Jun 3, 2016

Howdy! Howdy! 

I know I’ve been quiet for the last week and it must be killing you to know what I’ve been up to. I’ll come clean, I’ve been moving. That’s right, I picked up and headed out of the proverbial Dodge. In so doing, I managed to digitally strand myself for the last few days. 

After a long day of packing, I didn’t rest. I carried on writing because I knew we needed to collectively find the reason for the strange similarities between historic human figures and the people surrounding Hero Shard. I have several partial chapters, written in broken sentences and incomplete thoughts. 

I would say more but my time is limited. The chapters will be incoming soon! The connection here is unstable... I have to cut this short. We will be seeing more of our heroes soon. Until next time, thanks for reading.