Jason Chestnut
I really dig the otherworldly Lovecraftian vibe of this one. And the prose is amazing.
Stephen Carignan
There is certainly something going on within the world and Martin teases the reader with each paragraph. In the short amount of the work available to me, I already want to know more and the mystery is certainly engaging. Simple character interactions make them three dimensional while the writing itself keeps the reader invested.               
Everyone read this now. You won't regret it
David Joseph Brown
Just found this! Excellent job! :)
Rebecca Getzinger
Although it contains dark realities we see or hear of in real life there is also a beautiful surrealness in both the way it is written and in some of the moments that occur. It even reads like a Shakespearean play with modernized dialogue at times and has characters that can capture your attention as well as anger, but for all the right reasons.
Peter Ryan
Pixilated Obsidian Roses is not a standard book. But this is a book you need to experience. RF Martin's control of imagery is impressive and his dialog tight. From the first chapter tendrils of dread crawl along your spine. And the more you read, the more you realize something is not quite right. Get into it if you dare.
Michael Haase
This book has the promise of originality and a promise to deliver. The suspense is palpable within the first few paragraphs, with an unstoppable darkness lying behind each sentence. I need to read this book, so we need to get it funded! 
John Robin
I just love the exotic and exciting spin on this tale!
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Mike Donald
This is one of the most unique stories I've ever read...like swimming through a dark pool of prose, one could easily drown in unless one is prepared to swim against the current...but well worth the effort.