Tom Merritt's latest update for Pilot X

Mar 13, 2017

Hey folks, now you all were in on this well before, but the official launch date of Pilot X is tomorrow, March 14.

First of all THANK YOU. Without your support this books wouldn’t be raining down across bookstores, Kindles and Audible accounts. Y’all ROCK!

Second of all, one of those weird quirks of the industry is that it runs on reviews. Amazon reviews in particular. So if I can be pushy just this once, I want to ask you one more thing


It’s easy. Just go here: And scroll down to the part that says write a customer review. That’s it!

It’s way more helpful than you think to do that and costs you just a few minutes.

Oh and thanks to everybody who’s been sharing pictures of the book in book stores on Twitter and Facebook!  Keep ’em coming.

And THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart for making Pilot X a reality.