Zaide Williams's latest update for Adagio

Jan 16, 2017

Hi all--writing with a brazen follow request.  I thank you again for following Overture, the introduction to Elma’s transition from meek musician to supernatural powerhouse.  I’m about to launch pre-orders for Allegro, book two of the Overture series.  Before I do, might I ask if you’d be willing to follow it as well?  Below is a synopsis (spoiler alert) and here is the link:

Thanks a ton!



She’s a siren in love with a vampire but dating a veterinarian whom she just discovered is an occult scientist who talks like the Queen of England. And she’s headed out with these two characters in her dead boyfriend’s Jeep to meet up with a werewolf. Elma’s come a long way from risk-averse classical pianist at Straythern University. And the party’s just getting started.

Allegro, the second movement in the Overture series, allows us to watch as Elma comes to terms with who she is, what she must do, and the power that she wields. Dive in and join her on the journey.