A. White
I love her candid way of writing and sharp witticism.
Ashley Brandt
Overture is a different kind of vampire book that has me pretty excited to read more of it. The premise is promising, the characters fit the roles perfectly and make me feel as though I'm watching a TV show of this instead of reading it, and everything just sort of flows smoothly without moving too fast or too slow. Excellent work!
Nicholas E. Efstathiou
The prologue is interesting as hell, and I can only believe the rest of the book will be as well.
Ashley Brandt
The premise for Overture is one that has me pretty excited to read a vampire book again.
Colonel Joslin
Not the typical Vamp/Human love fest I expected. The reader is exposed to different types of Vamps and creatures. There are sprints through forests, hideaways where plans are made -- all the things one would expect to find in a good spy thriller.
Benjamin Gray
Adagio is stylish, sexy, and masterfully written. It is a surprisingly human story, considering it's about a high-society vampire.
Lena (Helena and Malena)
Humor is a hallmark of lots of paranormal fiction, as it sort of pokes fun at itself and the conventions of the genre, and OVERTURE is definitely darkly funny in this way, crisp and irreverent.