Hey Everyone,

Thank you again for your awesome support. By now you should have received the note about your orders being refunded. While it saddens me that we were unable to hit our goal, I do have another opportunity to relaunch it here, or pursue another publisher.

Stand by while I continue to weigh options, and thank you for your continued support.



All, thank you for the support. It’s been interesting to see this project’s evolution, and a dream of mine to get this book in the hands of kids nationwide.

The slow growth of this book has made me doubt that we’re going to be able to sell 190 copies over the course of the next 5 days. Then again, you all might just surprise me, share the project with everyone you can think of, and we might just hit 250 copies to meet the quill goal.

Nonetheless, I’m going to do my darndest to find a good publisher for this project. 

Inkshares CEO and I had a quick email exchange, and he informs me that one of Inkshares’s investors is a well known children’s book publisher, and perhaps this would be a great fit for their line of books. 

Stay tuned and keep sharing!

9 Copies Per Day

So, just  25 days to go, and I’m trying hard to hit the Quill level of this book, but I need your help. Currently, we need about 220 copies to move in the next 25 days, to guarantee that you get your books, and I’m able to donate the equivalent to reading programs and schools nationwide.

Please share the book with everyone on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PTAs, anywhere! 

This has not only become my passion, but has helped to inspire my daughter to tell and begin writing her own stories. I want to see it do the same for so many other kids.

Let’s hit 250 and see where it goes from there!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the long delays in updating. I’ve recently started a new job as the Director of Communications at a great company, but it has taken over my writing/designing time.

That said, thank you for your continued support. There are 34 days remaining in this campaign and if you all share the book with your friends to get the word out, I’m certain that we can make our goal.

As a reminder, I pledge to reinvest everything that’s made from this campaign into getting copies into schools, reading programs and libraries nationwide. For every hardcover sold, I will personally donate a copy to a local program.

So, please take a moment and share the book to your family, friends, social networks, book clubs, church groups and mailman. Tell your local librarian that they can get a free copy if more people pick one up!  Let’s make Our Family’s Elephant hit the shelves nationwide! 


Get a Book, Give a Book!

Hey Readers! You all are awesome. Thank you for continuing to support and share Our Family’s Elephant to your friends and family. I have an amazing update that I wanted to provide to you all.

This book was written to inspire kids and parents alike. I want them to know that it’s OK to dream, to have BIG imaginations, to have imaginary friends and share the with friends. But, it’s not enough to just make it and set it out in hopes that people pick it up. I want to get the book in the hands of as many children as possible.

That’s why I’m creating the Get a Book, Give a Book support level. Do you want your child’s school to get a free copy of my book? For every print copy that’s ordered, I’ll be donating a copy to a local school or library. 

I’ve asked Inkshares if they want to support this campaign, but even if they don’t, I’ll donate 100% of the proceeds of this campaign to make sure that we can print enough copies to get the book into schools, libraries and more importantly, into the hands of children so they too can be inspired.

If you want your students to know that it’s OK to have a big imagination, raise your hand, and share the book to get your copy.  

Thanks for your support, your shares, recommendations and reviews!



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either A or C, but definitely not B for me. Option B is way too crowded with so much text.

Layout Options

Hey Everyone!

So, I’ve been playing around with a variety of layout options. One option includes putting text on a white page with illustrations on an opposite page. Another layout option would include putting all of the body text on top of the corresponding images. And, a third would be more of a hybrid option.

If you were to choose one layout, what would you choose? 

A) White with adjacent illustration

B) Text on images

C) A hybrid of the two?

New Images, Gaining Traction

Hey Everyone! Thanks for supporting and share Our Family’s Elephant with your networks, families and friends. It really means a lot that you appreciate the book and help to contribute to its success.

This afternoon, I completed two new illustrations, with a few more to go! Check them out below! 

If you have a chance, I’d really appreciate any recommendations (both here on Inkshares or your Social Networks) to get some more momentum.

Thanks again for the continued support!

“And last week, we even had an adventure in our front yard! With the pretty red and yellow leaves on the ground, our whole family raked them into a giant pile that was bigger than my head. Then we all took turns running and jumping into them!”

“Where was Al?”asked Ms. Sharon.

  “Just as I was about to climb out of the pile, I was certain I heard him shouting for his turn.”  

I had a few people DM me saying that I needed a video uploaded. So, without much ado, please enjoy the new video!

Thanks all for following the project. I just uploaded the full text of the book. Still more illustrations to come, but here’s the story as a few people have asked to read more than just the teaser.

I look forward to getting this off the ground and can’t do it without your support. Thanks much for sharing, supporting and following the progress.

Keep on keepin on!