Stephen Carignan
Austere and vivid, Orin and the Skyscrapers delves into the abstract and futuristic world with a compelling protagonist and fully realized world. The story itself has fantastic imagery and the plot is fast paced and driving, which keeps the pages turning.
Dan Flores
I have had the privilege of knowing about this story for quite some time. It's a great story about the dangerous pursuit of truth with a classic science fiction feel. Let's help him reach his goal so we can all read about Orin and the Skyscrapers.
Billy O’Keefe
Based on the cover art and premise, this could be an 80s cartoon revival wrapped up in a book. Take a look!
Angela Wyro
I have seen Jose's work and know he has a great story idea.
Dom L
Concept art looks amazing!!!! GET IT PEOPLE
Stephen Carignan
Thrilling and vivid, Orion and the Skyscrapers is sci-fi sction adventure at its finest.
Elena Stofle
Such a cool idea
Ricardo Henriquez
After reading the first paragraph I got one of those shivers that few things like Doctor Who give me. The concept of the book is also intriguing.