Intro: "Who Do You Write For?"

“Who do you write for? Yourself?”


I write for who I was.

I write for the senseless, inept, confused, and broken kid.

She can’t control her tears.

She always feels alone.

I write for the girl who was too scared to fight.

Whose mind was too closed, and whose mouth was too damn big.

Who ran herself into a corner, and thought she’d never turn around.

I write for all the stupid mistakes and scabbed hearts I left in my destructive past.

I write for the girl who doesn’t understand anything, yet is trying, trying so desperately, but the only thing she’s ever understood is words.

And words are not enough.

I write for who I was.

For everything, and everyone that led me to this road I’m on.

Words were my salvation.

So words are what I give.

(K.N. Clem)

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